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The exterior patio with parapet walls and views of the downtown skyline.

The Story

Taking inspiration from the famed mid-century rooftop bars of downtown Detroit—such storied haunts as the Savoyard, Recess and Top of the Flame—the Monarch Club reimagines these classic venues for the modern era. Commanding the penthouse of the meticulously restored Metropolitan Building, the Monarch Club is where refined relaxation meets the mystique of rediscovered grandeur. With iconic skyscrapers encircling, this rooftop hideaway is the perfect place to unwind while city lights twinkle around you. Behind the Monarch’s parapet and by the glow of candlelight, enjoy craft cocktails and enticing culinary offerings as your senses are awakened by views of a downtown metropolis that is at once familiar, yet strikingly new.

The Space

The Monarch Club is a place like no other. Passing through the Metropolitan Building’s spectacular Great Hall hints at the elegant charm that awaits. The Monarch Club exudes both old-school intrigue and modern comfort, draped in tones of deep blue, red and gold that create a luxurious backdrop for incomparable city views. Located near attractions like Campus Martius, Corktown and Little Caesars Arena, enjoy a cocktail at one of the most expansive rooftop bars in downtown Detroit. Retreat to an intimate banquette or to the Tower Keep for a more private experience, or relax outdoors around a cozy firepit. Hearkening back to Detroit’s first golden age, the Monarch Club provides a front-row seat to its next.

The Tower room at The Monarch Club bars in downtown Detroit has leather couches and skyline windows.

Experience the History

The neo-gothic Metropolitan Building, known colloquially as the Jewelers’ Building, was designed in 1925 by renowned architects Weston and Ellington. By combining the building’s historic features with contemporary design, we’ve created a modern experience that pays homage to its storied past. We’re both humbled and thrilled to be the new stewards of this space.

Before construction, the arched windows of The Keep were covered and rusty.After construction, the arched windows of The Keep show skyline views.

Before construction, the staircase showed heavy rust and the walls had extensive damage.After construction, the staircase has been rebuilt and the windows repaired for skyline views.

The Monarch Club before reconstruction has walls of rust and graffiti.After construction, The Monarch Club has glass doors, navy walls, and new wood floors.

The Monarch Club before reconstruction has walls of rust and graffiti.The Monarch Club after construction has red velvet couches, elegant windows, and bar seating.

The exterior of the penthouse at The Metropolitan has damaged stonework and graffiti before construction.After construction, the penthouse of The Metropolitan has repaired stonework and an elegant patio.

The patio at The Monarch Club before construction has extensive damage, broken stone, and graffiti.The Monarch Club patio after construction has repaired parapet walls, stonework and seating.

Before and after images by Alanna St. Laurent

Rise to the Occasion

Join us at The Monarch Club and experience the best of bars in downtown Detroit, an exhilarating new rooftop lounge with inventive cocktails, delicious food, and stunning, sweeping views of downtown Detroit.